Update: No ‘World News’ Saturday

By Chris Ariens 

Update: It turns out there was no West Coast Feed of ‘World News’ last night. We’re told an alert went out earlier this week notifying stations but a few West Coast stations either missed the notification or it wasn’t passed on to the right people.

Earlier: According to a TVNewser tipster, ABC News didn’t feed “World News” to its West Coast affiliates Saturday evening as scheduled. The tipster writes, “Affiliates were left scrambling to fill; KGO-TV (San Francisco) went to ‘Assignment 7’ after five minutes of dead air accompanied by their legal ID slide.”

The image is from 5:31pmPT on KOMO-TV in Seattle. The color bars and tone stayed up for more than three minutes. A “Technical Difficulties” slate went up for another six minutes. At 5:39pm, the station began airing “Wheel of Fortune.”

Another tipster surmises, “The SD feeds were discontinued Tuesday. I guess they forgot to configure one for MT/PT stations.”

There was no East Coast Feed of World News due to extended Belmont Stakes coverage.