“Unlikely Partnership” For FNC Special

By Brian 

Fox News premiered a new special, “The Heat Is On: The Case of Global Warming,” yesterday afternoon.

In Saturday’s L.A. Times, Matea Gold explained that the program was “the result of an unlikely partnership” between Roger Ailes and “well-known liberal activists” Laurie David and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In the special, the two activists “visit Montana’s Glacier National Park to view the effects of global warming on the park’s glaciers,” the Chicago Tribune notes.
Some conservative groups attacked the special before it aired, charging that it wouldn’t be fair or balanced.

“While Sunday’s special focuses largely on the science supporting climate change, the network is running a disclaimer at the beginning of the program noting that there is a continuing debate over the topic,” the Times says. And senior VP Bill Shine says future programs will be devoted to other perspectives on global warming.

“We take a lot of pride around here to present things in a fair and balanced way, and just because this hour may have some points of view that some disagree with doesn’t mean we’re not going to present their side at another time.”

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