Two O’Brien’s: “It’s Easier To Remember One Name In The Morning!”

By Brian 

CNN prez Jon Klein’s best quotes about the two O’Brien’s on American Morning:

> To the Philadelphia Inquirer: “I want to focus on our two main anchors. Sometimes there are five people sitting around the desk. I want to make it clear that the show belongs to O’Briens.”

> To the Boston Globe: “It is going to be a lot more no-nonsense than the stuff you can get elsewhere.”

> To the Washington Post: “What’s vital in the morning is chemistry between anchors. Watching Miles handle ‘Live From,’ where he was paired with a smart, vibrant, fun, female anchor” — Kyra Phillips — “and seeing how generous he was in sharing the spotlight and supporting and helping the co-anchor to shine; to me he’s the perfect complement to Soledad, who is smart, vibrant, fun…and the mother of four.”

> To USA Today: “I think it’s easier to remember one name in the morning,” he joked.