Tweets from TVNewser Summit: Alexis Glick Keynote

By Chris Ariens 

• Glick asked if FBN is hiring: “For the right people we are,” she says.

• Glick asked when FBN will be Nielsen-rated. “To be able to measure our audience..we’re not there’s not apples to apples.”

• Glick asked about whether FNC’s lean to the right has affected Fox Business Network. Glick says “no.” It’s never affected bookings.


• A question from a PR person: “Fox is easy to work with” but (speaking about all TV news bookers) “some are not creative.”

• Glick on social media tools: We have to embrace it but we have to be careful about how they are used.

• Glick on FBN growth: “I look at our colleagues at Fox News and know that it’s going to take some time.”

• Glick talks about FBN not being included in NYTimes story yesterday on CNCB. “I’m not worried about that…things take time.”

• Jeff Bercovici of Portfolio asks about the “knocks” CNBC took. “I think opinion and asking questions is a good thing.”

• Glick: “It’s our responsibility, and a lot of people in journalism did step up to the plate.”

• Glick wraps up. Q&A now. Glick asked why biz nets didn’t warn of this crisis: “Do we bear some of responsibility, sure, we all do.”

• Glick: Hopefully this crisis will beget opportunity. And we as journalists need to ask the questions.

• Glick quotes Secy. of State Clinton: Never waste a good crisis, when it can have a positive impact.

• Glick: “I think it’s important not to forget who we are and where we came from.”

• Glick uses her parents as an example of how everyday Americans are becoming new students to the new realities of the economy.

• Glick: “We need to be everywhere, we need to embrace the fact” that people are using new media for information and to connect.

• Glick: “How do we engender respect when many of the people watching us have lost confidence in government and corporations?”

• Glick talks about what she told CEOs at a WSJ dinner in Davos: executives of big companies had “used” her and other journalists.

• Glick – one fact I learned the other day: many great companies in business today, were born during prior recessions.

• Glick telling personal stories of how the recession has affected people she knows “As journalists it’s up to us to tell those stories.”

• Glick: those four principles guide how I work.

• Alexis Glick says she focuses on four things: inform, advise, engage connect to the audience.