TVNewsers Land on LinkedIn List of Top 2016 Influencers

By Mark Joyella 

Bloomberg TV anchor Betty Liu and CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger have been named as two of the top ten influencers of 2016 by LinkedIn, which describes its list as “an invite-only group of some of the top minds in business … (with) access to briefings, data and experts that the rest of us can only dream about.”

Schlesinger landed in fifth place on the list, with Liu taking tenth. Schlesinger said the election was the key story of the year, noting that “the economic underpinnings of the race were an instructive way to write and talk about economic inequality, the change in the American middle class and the effects of globalization on the workforce.”

Liu told LinkedIn how she locked up an interview with Warren Buffet:

“One of the things that helped in my mission to land an interview with Warren Buffett was sending him articles that could inform his everyday life. I knew that he was a voracious reader and consumer of information. So anytime I saw something that might strike his fancy — be it a piece about his favorite sports team or a report on the Chinese economy — I sent it along,” writes Liu. “After years of pursuing, Buffett finally agreed to an interview. I knew it would happen after he sent me a note by mail that he appreciated one of the stories I had sent him.”