TV Newsers Document the G20 Summit Protests

By A.J. Katz 

The first public encounter between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and U.S. president Donald Trump at the G20 Summit is perhaps the top story of the day, but the protests outside of the summit are having a significant impact on the event, one which brings together leaders of the world’s top 20 economies this weekend to discuss a variety of issues of “global significance.” The G20 group accounts for around 85 percent of the world’s GDP and two-thirds of its population.

Protesters and police have clashed in Hamburg, Germany, site of the summit, over the past 24 hours. The protesters (reportedly 12,000 of them) are part of an organized, anti-capitalism event called “Welcome to Hell.”

Protesters have burned several vehicles and set fire to trash hauling bins, Columns of smoke could reportedly be seen rising over the city of Hamburg early this morning. Taxi drivers were avoiding the city center, some in protest, others to protect their vehicles. Police have fired water cannons at groups of protesters, and as of this morning, around 160 officers have been hurt by protesters who have thrown bottles at them, say local police.

Even first lady Melania Trump, had to cancel her public schedule on Friday because local police would not allow her to leave the guesthouse where she and POTUS are staying due to security concerns.

A number of TV newsers have been on the scene documenting what they’re seeing.

Here’s extraordinary footage and reporting from Vice News at around 1 p.m. ET:

Here’s video CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta posted earlier this morning:

This is NBC News correspondent Keir Simmons and his production team. Simmons, who is based in London, has reported from the ground for MSNBC and NBC Nightly News yesterday and continues to report today.

Simmons also had some choice words for the president’s remarks about the press yesterday:

CNN International digital news producer Kara Fox was on the scene at the Welcome to Hell protest in Hamburg yesterday and posted some interesting video:

Here’s an on-the-ground report from CNN senior international correspondent Atika Shubert.

This is a rather stunning account from journalist Marcus DiPaola:

Luckily he had some assistance from a certain mainstream U.S. news outlet: