TVNewser Post Provokes Warning To CNN Employees: “What Is Said In This Meeting Should Not Be Leaked Outside The Co.”

By Brian 

Only on TVNewser: Monday’s comments from a CNN insider provoked many reactions on this site Tuesday morning. And CNN’s top brass took notice of the complaints. Tuesday morning’s editorial meeting included a warning to employees not to leak complaints about the network. TVNewser has obtained an excerpt from the editorial meeting notes, as they are sent by Sue Bunda:

 “Jon [Klein] started the meeting by reminding everyone that the editorial meeting is sacrosanct….what is said in this meeting should not be leaked outside the company. He reminded everyone that leaking will get a person fired if they are caught…Jon has an open door and called the idea of leaking complaints foolish when any employee can approach him in person, on the phone, via email. He is interested in hearing what we all think and is more than happy to explain his perspective. I’m quoting Jon here: ‘Only losers leak, winners never do.’ Which do you want to be?”

The “loser” responded via e-mail this evening. “Well, if they were so concerned about dealing with employee suggestions, then why not address the subject of what was “leaked” in the meeting?,” the insider said. “Perhaps they did, but it was not written in the notes Sue posted in Avstar for other employees to read afterwards. The main point of my “leak” is that many employees feel that we’re putting crap on the air instead of quality, just for ratings. I mean, come on — everyone knows shows like ‘Nancy Grace’ are tabloid exploitation that bring in viewers. Sure, there are millions of viewers who do want quality, but there are many millions MORE who like to watch the cable news equivalent of one legged midgets masturbating.”

The insider said he is glad his comments provoked discussion, and stressed that he hopes Jon Klein succeeds at CNN: “I just wish he’d come out and admit that some of our programming is put on for tabloid ratings purposes and not for the public interest.”