TV Types Toast Veteran EP Jack Reilly

By Brian 

A bunch of bold-face names gathered over the weekend to wish Emmy award-winning producer Jack Reilly a happy birthday. The 80-year-old Reilly created CNBC’s Squawk Box and Power Lunch, and was formerly the EP of Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight. That explains why Roger Ailes, Kevin Magee, Tyler Mathisen, Maria Bartiromo, Charlie Gibson, and Joel Siegel all mingled at Morton’s in NYC for the birthday bash. With FNC’s chief in the same room as CNBC talent, you’d expect some interesting gossip — “but everyone just tabled it,” an attendee said. “That’s what makes Jack unique.”

Ailes couldn’t resist taking a little poke at MSNBC, though. Ailes crossed paths with Reilly at CNBC and America’s Talking, and Roger noted how the latter network morphed: “Then they turned it into MSNBC, and we all know what a great success that’s been,” Ailes joked, according to one person in attendance, who called it “a great night.”

Reilly’s former co-workers enjoyed seeing their old boss again. Phyllis McGrady, David Hartman, Joan Lunden and Spencer Christian sent their well-wishes by e-mail, while Mary Hart and Neil Cavuto sent along video tributes.

The party was organized by Peter Barnes and Roberta Dougherty. By the way, Reilly has no plans to retire, and isn’t sure what his next gig will be…