TV Producer “Exposed” At DEFCON

By Chris Ariens 

This weekend’s DEFCON 15 in Las Vegas, a conference that bills itself as the “largest underground hacking convention,” was itself being “surreptitiously” monitored, by a member of the media. According to the website The Register, “Defcon founder Jeff Moss told the crowd that there was a real, covert reporter in their very midst.” The person was identified as an associate producer for Dateline.

The story claims “the woman had a camera in a small black bag that allowed her to video tape people attending the show. She hoped to tape people admitting to breaking the law and then attempt to tie them to federal agents who also attended the show.”

With sessions including, “Everything you ever wanted to know about Police Procedure in 50 minutes” and “The Hacker Society around the (corporate) world,” DEFCON organizers say they realize federal agents are in their midst. But “video and photos are not permitted unless the subjects have given their permission.”

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