TV Newsers Brace for the End of ‘Mad Men’

By Brian Flood 

The hit AMC drama “Mad Men” returns with its final episodes on Sunday night and it appears to be an extremely popular show among popular TV newsers. The Wall Street Journal recently asked New Yorkers, including CBS’ Gayle King and FBN’s Deirdre Bolton, to predict the show’s outcome.

This comes after a series of promos featuring celebrities discussing the show. King, Keith Olbermann and Lara Spencer are among the newsers featured in the “Mad Men” ads.

“CBS This Morning” co-host King asked “Mad Men” creator David Simon for a few hints, but that didn’t work out so well.


“Matthew is like Fort Knox,” King told The Wall Street Journal . “Talking to him is like trying to talk to your shoe.” King goes on to say “I have such a soft spot for Don. Even though he’s a cad and has done some despicable things, he’s got a heart.”

“Everyone expects Don to blow up. I think the surprise of the show is that someone else will. I vote for Roger,” Bolton told The Wall Street Journal.

Olbermann says the show reminds him of his childhood, while “GMA” co-host Spencer jokes that she’s “completely sexually attracted to [Don Draper].”

“I’m not happy about it ending,” Olbermann said. “On many different levels, I am going to miss it like hell.”