Tucker’s ‘Dancing’ Premiere: Lowest Score Of The Night; “What An Awful Mess”

By Brian 

MSNBC host Tucker Carlson drew the lowest score on Monday night’s premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Quoting MSNBC.com:

“‘What an awful mess,’ judge Bruno Tonioli decreed, comparing Carlson’s dance to sitting on a toilet and punishing him with a score of three out of 10.

Carlson was undaunted.

‘I’m going to win Bruno over,’ Carlson responded. ‘The seeds of affection are there and once he marinates in me a little bit, we’ll be friends.'”

Good luck. “With a combined score of 12, Carlson was the low score on the night.”

Audience vote counts for half the overall score, so click here to vote for (or against) Tucker…