Tucker Carlson’s “Situation:” Not Beating Each Other Up From The Left & Right

By Brian 

Media-shy MSNBC president Rick Kaplan tells TV Week about “The Situation With Tucker Carlson:” “This is going to be a really fun way for people to get a lot of information. This is going to be a very careful look at the news done in an hour. It’s not about getting somebody from the right and somebody from the left to beat each other up. You’re going to get to know the panelists on the show as rounded human beings.”

> Kaplan adds: “You’ve always seen Tucker as a contributor. You are about to see him as a host.”

> And: Carlson jokes with Gail Shister about the format of the show: “We start with the live entertainment part with the band, then we go to dwarf tossing, then the sexuality segment, then cooking.” (Ba-da-boom!)