Tucker Carlson Surprised by His Fox News Dismissal

By Mark Mwachiro 

Tucker Carlson making an appearance on the Megyn Kelly Show

Former Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson was blindsided by his sudden exit from the news network, saying he “wasn’t expecting it all.”

Carlson’s candid comments came during his guest appearance on SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show on Monday, where he promoted his newly launched subscription video service, The Tucker Carlson Network.

During his appearance with Kelly, another former Fox News primetime host, Carlson said that he was “surprised” by his firing, elaborating further that he felt good about it and that he was shocked for the first “eight minutes.” Carlson added that he called his wife, and that she was “thrilled” with his being let go from Fox News.


Carlson said that his dismissal was not all doom and gloom, noting that the producing team from his Fox News show left with him, thus helping to soften the blow.

“That was such a blessing,” Kelly responded, a comment Carlson agreed with, after which she added, “It’s such a credit to you because your staff does not follow you if they don’t love you.”

Kelly then took a swipe at her former network, saying, “Of course, Fox had no love for them either, I am sure, but it was a testament to you, and they are still with you, helping you with your new venture.”

The two continued to reminisce about his time at Fox News, with Kelly discussing how he had the top show at Fox News and how his dismissal and show cancellation came “out of the blue.”

Carlson, for his part, said that he doesn’t know why his show was canceled and maybe speculated that having his show as the top-rated show on Fox News may not necessarily be viewed as a strength, but a weakness.

He added that his firing “is really is, like, one of those mysteries that I will probably never get to the bottom of, and I have stopped even thinking about it.”

Carlson, interestingly, did not take any shots directly at Fox News or the Murdochs but blamed other people surrounding the Fox News orbit, including politicians, for what happened to him.

The Tucker Carlson Network went live at www.tuckercarlson.com on Sunday night and is poised to be a video subscription service costing $9 a month that will see Carlson host multiple new shows, including long-form interviews, commentaries, news reporting, and in-depth investigations. Users can access free ad-supported and paid premium video content on the site.

Watch Carlson’s interview with Kelly below.