Tucker Carlson on Why His Show Has a Unique Place in the Conservative Universe

By A.J. Katz 

Tucker Carlson has received the Time magazine profile treatment. Carlson shares his thoughts on the GOP, racial and class inequality, wanting a far less race-conscious America, censorship, if he will run for President, and whether or not he’s been vaccinated against Covid.

When senior correspondent Charlotte Alter asked Carlson why he thinks his show stands out in conservative media, he said, “I wound up working at the last mass medium where you can say pretty much whatever you want, and that’s true, and I think my show is evidence that that’s true,” he added, “And they don’t ever tell you what to say.”

When asked about speculation that he could be a presidential contender in the future, Carlson said, “That seems like the unhappiest job you could have. I just don’t have any ambitions like that. I have zero interest in being loved by people I don’t know.”


Alter asked Carlson if he thinks Trump should run again for president. She writes:

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said, as if he was bored even thinking about it. Enthusiasm for Trump, he suggested, was really just about conservative “dissidents” wanting to be “protected” from the left. He pointed to the fact that the party didn’t bother to develop a policy platform for the 2020 presidential election as evidence that Republicans had abdicated their political responsibilities. “That’s disgraceful, in my opinion,” he said. “What’s the point in having a convention or a political party more broadly if you can’t be bothered to define what it is you stand for? I found that contemptible.”

Towards the end of the interview, Alter also asked the host if he’d been vaccinated against the coronavirus. “Because I’m a polite person, I’m not going to ask you any supervulgar personal questions like that,” he told her.

Alter responded by saying Carlson was welcome to ask her whatever he wanted, to which he responded, “That’s like saying, ‘Do you have HIV?’” he said. “How about ‘None of your business’?” According to Alter, “he broke into a cackle, like a hyena let loose in Brooks Brothers.”

Carlson continued: “I mean, are you serious? What’s your favorite sexual position and when did you last engage in it?”

A Fox News spokesperson told Time: “Tucker Carlson is an important voice in America which deeply resonates with millions of viewers. We fully support him.”