Tucker Carlson Launches the Tucker Carlson Network

By Mark Mwachiro 

Since his unexpected departure from Fox News earlier this year, former primetime host Tucker Carlson has been using X, formerly Twitter, as his primary media vehicle while working behind the scenes on his new media company.

On Sunday night, his new media company, the Tucker Carlson Network, was launched at www.tuckercarlson.com.

TCN is a video subscription service that will see Carlson host multiple new shows, including long-form interviews, commentaries, news reporting, and in-depth investigations. Users can access free ad-supported and paid premium video content on the site. Non-subscriber content will remain on X, while audio versions will be available via a podcast titled “The Tucker Carlson Podcast.”


According to The Wall Street Journal, the service, which went live on Monday, will cost $9 monthly. Carlson will appear on Megyn Kelly’s, a former Fox News primetime host, SiriusXM show on Monday to announce the launch of this media venture.

In announcing the new media venture, Carlson said in a statement, “News coverage in the West has become a tool of repression. Reporters no longer reveal essential information to the public; they work to hide it. We plan to tell the truth about things that matter – clearly and without fear.”

The management team of TCN was also announced, with Neil Patel being named CEO tasked with running business operations. Justin Wells, who is being sued by a former Fox News employee for sexual assault, was named president, overseeing all programming and content.

Wells added, “Tucker has maintained an important connection with the audience on X. We look forward to continuing that relationship but also providing people with even more video content through the Tucker Carlson Network.”

The Journal also reports that TCN has advertising deals with X and Red Sea Ventures, a company that helps media personalities, including Kelly and Bill O’Reilly, another Fox News primetime host, with podcast advertising.