Tucker Carlson Has Increased Ad Rate in Fox Timeslot 27 Percent

By Chris Ariens 

Not only has he increased the ratings for Fox News’s 9 p.m. ET timeslot, Tucker Carlson has also increased revenue for the channel.

A :30 commercial during Carlson’s show cost advertisers $13,537 in January 2017, that’s up from $10,684 for a :30 spot during January 2016, when Megyn Kelly aired in the timeslot, an increase of +26.7 percent.

The ad rate rise is nearly universal across cable news owing more to a “Trump bump” than anything else.


Adweek’s Jason Lynch has more on the January 2017 SMI report which shows CNN saw an ad revenue increase of 19.9 percent, that Fox News was up 34.2 percent, and that MSNBC saw the biggest jump at 49.2 percent. NBC’s Saturday Night Live also saw a big boost for its ad rates:

According to SMI, which tracks 70 percent of national ad spending from global and independent agencies, ad unit costs for the two SNL episodes that aired in January—one hosted by Felicity Jones, the other by Aziz Ansari—jumped 86 percent from a year earlier, to $111,045 for the Jones episode and $119,442 for Ansari’s.