Tsunami Anniversary: Did FNC Forget?

By Brian 

One year ago today, the deadliest natural disaster in recorded history swept across south Asia. The total damages cost more than $10.7 billion. Almost 400,000 homes were destroyed. More than 2 million people were displaced. But Fox News Channel apparently doesn’t have a network correspondent in the region.

This morning, the cable net relied on Todd Connor, “live in our New York newsroom,” to read a short script about the anniversary.

CNN has several correspondents in the region, including Atika Shubert, Aneesh Raman and Tsunami author Santinder Bindra. Emotional packages by Alex Quade have aired several times on the network. On Friday, Anderson Cooper 360 was devoted to the tsunami. Tonight at 8pm, Paula Zahn Now is repackaging a CNNI special about the anniversary.

The broadcast networks have assigned correspondents to the region, as well. CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen is reporting from Banda Aceh (and filed a reporters notebook for CBSNews.com). Update: 11:55pm: ABC News had correspondent Mark Litke in Phuket, Thailand, who filed a report for Good Morning America. NBC News correspondent Ned Colt is in Banda Aceh. MSNBC has special Tsunami One Year Later graphics. (At noon, it relied on a package from ITV.)

Note to potential e-mailers: The headline is not serious. I know Fox didn’t “forget.”