Trump Lawyer in Viral Video Says He ‘Controlled the Interview’

By Mark Joyella 

The Trump Organization lawyer whose “says who” response to a question from CNN anchor Brianna Keilar has gone viral now says he “controlled the interview” and, of Keilar, “I think I unraveled her.”

In a live interview on CNN’s The Situation Room Wednesday, Keilar asked attorney Michael Cohen about the shakeup of the Trump campaign staff, saying “you say it’s not a shakeup, but you guys are down.”

Cohen interrupted to say, memorably, “says who?” After the CNN interview, Cohen told Yahoo News his answer was not, as National Review’s Liam Donovan described it, “cringeworthy,” but rather, it was Keilar who fumbled the segment:

“I was shocked at the length of the silence as she stumbled to think of an answer,” Cohen said. “And when she did come up with an answer, it was so generic it could have applied to anything.”

Of Keilar’s answer, that “polls, all of them” show the Trump campaign is down, Cohen said “I completely disagree with the polling information.”