Trump, Biden Tape Pre-Debate Messages for Telemundo Viewers

By A.J. Katz 

Noticias Telemundo will be airing exclusive messages from both President Trump and former vice president Biden addressed to Latino voters during the network’s pre-debate coverage tonight. Both candidates were asked to explain why Latino voters should vote for them.



Trump’s entire message:

I think nobody has done more for Hispanic Americans and the Hispanic community than I have as president.

I’ve done so much and we work so hard together. We meet in groups.

Recently, as you know, I was awarded the Bay of Pigs award by the Cuban community. And we have the Venezuelan community surrounding a certain area that I spend a lot of time in.

And I understand where they’re coming from and what’s happening.

Joe Biden has done a very, very poor job for the Hispanic Americans or the Hispanic community. He’s done a terrible job. For 47 years, he’s actually done nothing.

And if you look, prior to the plague coming in from China, prior to the, as I call it, the China virus, we had the best Hispanic American numbers anywhere and anytime, anywhere in the world. But our best. The best numbers that we’ve ever had. Homeownership was at a record. Everything they had was at a record.

I mean, we were at a point that, frankly many other groups too, but the Hispanic Americans who are great, natural small business people. They have been doing fantastically. And then obviously once the plague came in, we had to help.

We provided tremendous amounts of money to small businesses and small businesses owned by and operated by Hispanic Americans. And it got them through a really tough patch.

And now they’re starting to see it. And we’re going to have a tremendous recovery. We’re gonna have a tremendous year.

One other thing: Law and order. Hispanic community in this country wants law and order, they want protection, they want safety, they want to have that great, safe feeling. And we provided that.

We’re setting records on law and order and that’s something they like about President Trump. But there’s everything I like about them. Hispanic Americans please get out and vote.

There has never been in our history, a president that has done more for you or even close than I’ve done. So, get out and vote. And on November 3, let’s really show them what it’s all about. Thank you very much.

Biden’s entire message:

Hello everyone, it’s Joe Biden.

As a man of faith and family, I’m running for president to restore the soul of this country.

To fight for everyone regardless of color of their skin, who they love, where they come from.

I’m gonna start by listening to the experts to get this pandemic under control so we can finally get our economy back on track.

Eight months in, Donald Trump still doesn’t have a real plan to address the virus that’s devastating Latino families and businesses.

Meanwhile, DACA recipients, including 200,000 front-line workers in this pandemic, continue to live in fear of what tomorrow holds. I think it’s outrageous.

I’ve fought my whole career for working families like mine and yours. To make sure people had access to healthcare, good-paying jobs, an opportunity for their children.

That’s … Everybody should be treated with dignity, respect.

You know as president, I’m going to invest in building our country back better than it was before. This time bringing everybody along, creating good-paying jobs for Latinos, helping Latino small business owners access capital they need.

Support working families who are struggling to care for both their children and their aging parents.

I’ll make sure Puerto Ricans aren’t treated as second-class citizens.

Donald Trump is deporting thousands of Cubans and Venezuelans back to dictatorial regimes. I’ll end that. And I’ll grant temporary protected status for Venezuelans.

I want to keep families together, protect Dreamers, restore our values to our immigration system.

I won’t raise taxes on working and middle-class families by even one single penny. The opposite is going to happen. They’re gonna get more help.

Success for Latino Americans is essential for the success of our nation. Your voices, your vote are gonna help decide this election.

And I promise you, with your support we’ll build a better nation for the future, for all our families.

You make up 20% of the nation’s population.

24 out of 100 kids in school are Latino. You are our future. We need you. And I’m with you.