Tribute to Bob Simon on Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’

By Chris Ariens 

Scott Pelley introduced tonight’s “60 Minutes,” which led with Bob Simon‘s final story for the broadcast.

Steve Kroft closed out the show, with some final thoughts on Simon:

We lost Bob Simon this past Wednesday night. All of us lost him– his family, his colleagues here at “60Mminutes,” and all of you who have watched this broadcast over the years. We lost his curiosity, his unparalleled writing ability, his calm bravery under fire. and we lost his sense of justice and his sense of the absurd, both of which he brought to so much of his reporting. Bob has been both a model and an inspiration to many of us during the 47 years he spent at CSB News. Next Sunday, we’ll broadcast a full tribute to him, including some of his, and our, favorite Bob Simon stories.