Trapped Miners: Notes

By Brian 

> CNN’s Anderson Cooper is supposed to be live in West Virginia at 10pm. The network is also promising a “special edition” of Larry King Live at 9.

> CBS correspondent Bob Orr was live on-camera outside the mine at 6:30pm. “An eight-man rescue team has just entered the mine,” he reported.

> FNC aired lots of video from the scene around 4pm, while CNN was still relying on maps and illustrations. CNN aired tape of a press conference 15 minutes after FNC.

> CNN correspondent Brian Todd was on the scene via phone by 5pm.

> At 5pm, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews interviewed “NBC News analyst” Bob Hager.

> When the news broke in the early afternoon, CNN’s Tony Harris was awfully pessimistic. (I love his laidback style.)

> “Chris Jansing on MSNBC seems to think that the miners in WV are actually in Pennsylvania,” an e-mailer said around 1:20pm. “She’s repeated that twice so far.”