Toronto Plane Crash: E-mailer Comments

By Brian 

> “CNN had this first. Fox came about 2 minutes later, and MSNBC was just a few seconds behind Fox.”

> Passengers from other planes were calling into TV and radio in Toronto…

> “CNN’s early guests on Air France Crash… brilliant. Former Airbus 340 pilots gave a facinating and intelligent discussion on wind shear and fly by wire mechanics in cockpit.”

> Update: 9:47am: “I disagree on quality of CNN coverage,” another e-mailer says. “Blitzer kept on insisting 737 in spite of having images showing an A340 tail, and he misread Air France paintings for Lufthansa.”

> “MSNBC was first with weather radar.”

> “CNN, MSNBC, and FNC are relying on pictures from Global TV out of Canada…Miles O’Brien is joining Wolf Blitzer for CNN’s coverage.”

> “Robert Hager, former NBC Aviation Correspondent, is on the phone with MSNBC…”

> “Chris Jansing and Tom Costello are providing coverage for MSNBC, interrupting Coast to Coast.”

> On FNC, Shep Smith interrupted The Big Story with John Gibson between 5:05 and 5:30pm.

> “FNC has stopped its plane crash coverage at 6pm and is back to regular shows. MSNBC has Dan Abrams and Chris Jansing live 6pm-8pm.”