Top 20 Evening News Stories of 2005

By Brian 

According to the Tyndall Report:

Hurricane Katrina1153314317522
Iraq: US-led combat continues879211411256
Iraq: election, referendum, politics310106104100
Indonesia earthquake. tsunami250818287
Pope John Paul II dies246788286
London mass transit bombs221786973
Iraq: post-war reconstruction181625662
Right-to-die Schiavo case in Fla169615652
CIA agent’s name leaked166386168
Iraq: terrorist suicide bombings164525359
Oil, gasoline prices rise156516243
Social Security system debate148455151
NASA Space Shuttle program146534251
Israeli-Palestinian conflict145464059
Hurricane Rita hits Texas, La136344854
Hurricane Wilma hits Florida122374342
Influenza: avian outbreak fears113372948
Saddam’s Baath aftermath102333534
S.Ct Harriet Miers nomination94372532
Kashmir earthquake86233430
Total Top Twenty Stories4987147717001809
“Natural disasters dominated the year,” Tyndall writes. “With Hurricane Katrina in the lead, they attracted triple their average annual attention.” NBC “made Katrina its signature story.”

CBS stuck to the Iraq beat “most tenaciously,” but “no Baghdad-based reporter made the Top 20 ranking” of most heavily-used reporters.

Also, “ABC invented the Culture Wars as a new news beat, with a fourtopic combo: church-v-state, the culture of life, coarsening mass media, and sexual morality issues. Reporter Dan Harris led the coverage along with DC-based Jake Tapper (155 min).”