Tonya Reiman Gives Kudos to Bill O’Reilly for Calling Out Trump’s Shuffle

By Brian Flood 

Presidential candidate Donald Trump was on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor last night to discuss his recent comments about John McCain. Body language expert Tonya Reiman took to Facebook to break down Trump’s performance.

Hey guys, I want you to watch this (i only got through the first four minutes – ill finish the rest later. Key points;

Trump does the politician shuffle at roughly 1:20 when asked a direct question – Bill calls him on it – Kudos Bill.


If you listen to the way Bill “frames” his questions, he is literally COACHING Trump for roughly 4 million viewers to see.

Bill states “I want you to be honest” these words imply that he knows Trump occasionally lies.

Followed by the double finger barrel and the sentence “You think McCain is a hero, I KNOW YOU DO!”. This is a warning to Donald – O’Reilly’s viewers are extremely loyal to McCain and will turn on a dime if you speak ill of him. What is Trumps response? He does a double shoulder shrug which indicates non-commitment and uncertainty… O’Reilly was REALLY good to Trump here and could have shot him down permanently. This 8 minutes will be broken down second by second over the next few or so…. Watch for yourself and see what you can glean.

Check out the interview below and see if you agree with Reiman: