Today Was Scheduled To Air Ablow’s Interview With Karr; What Now?

By Brian 

The Drudge Report says NBC’s Today Show interview with John Mark Karr has been put on hold. But it wasn’t actually Today’s interview. Here’s the full story:

Dr. Keith Ablow, a well-known psychiatrist and host of his own nationally syndicated talk show recently did an interview with John Mark Karr for his show,” the NBC News Channel told affiliates today. “Today will be airing a portion of this exclusive interview tomorrow morning. It will be the first time Karr has spoken out since he made headlines for falsely claiming he killed JonBenet Ramsey.”

Ablow was booked on Friday’s Today to talk about his interview. NBC offered two SOT’s to stations, so they could tease the Today segment. But an hour after sending the original message, NBC changed its tune, telling affiliates to hold the SOTs because “the segment may not air tomorrow on Today and further legal details are being worked out.” Drudge says that’s because alcohol was served before the interview. Stay tuned…

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