Tina Brown Returns to TV with ‘Daily Beast TV’

By Chris Ariens 

Tina Brown is eying original video productions with the launch next month of Daily Beast TV, reports AdWeek.

The venture has been described as an online talk show. A rep for the Newsweek Daily Beast Co. said Daily Beast TV would be a mix of original videos like the “Ask Andrew Anything” feature that Andrew Sullivan launched in September. The rotoscope-style videos feature the Beast blogger answering reader questions like “When did you truly feel American?” and “When will pot be legalized?”

CNN and ABC veteran producer Kathy O’Hearn, who joined the Beast in December will oversee Daily Beast TV. O’Hearn was the creator and executive producer of Brown’s last foray into TV, “Topic A with Tina Brown,” which ran for two years on CNBC, going off the air in 2005. O’Hearn then went to ABC News, where she was EP of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”


No word whether the Beast’s Howard Kurtz, who hosts weekly media criticism show “Reliable Sources” on CNN, will be a part of Daily Beast TV.