Time Warner Cable Urges Customers to Watch Fusion, Which TWC Doesn’t Carry

By Mark Joyella 

Just on the off chance you are not one of the nearly 89,000 followers of Time Warner Cable’s @TWC Twitter account, you might have missed the cable company’s reminder yesterday not to miss “Half Like Me,” the Al Madrigal special tonight on Fusion:

Of course, Time Warner Cable customers who do follow @TWC may struggle to take that advice, as Time Warner, like Comcast, doesn’t currently carry Fusion. So you won’t have an easy time figuring out where it’s hiding in your channel lineup.

It’s not likely TWC is encouraging subscribers to switch to DirecTV, which added Fusion to its lineup yesterday, but somebody is clearly a fan of “Half Like Me.” They tweeted out another reminder this morning. One more time, that’s tonight at 10, on Fusion, but not on Time Warner Cable. So figure it out yourselves.