Ticker: Brennan, ‘CBS Evening News,’ TWC

By Brian Flood 

  • Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan rarely appears on Sunday public affairs programs. That will change this week, when the head of the CIA sits down with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” As CIA director, Brennan has only done an interview on “Al Punto,” he has not sat down with “Face the Nation,” “This Week,” “State of the Union” or “Meet the Press.”
  • With a late-season snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast on Friday, The Weather Channel will air “Special Report: Spring Snowstorm” tonight at 8pmET, with meteorologists Alex Wallace and Kim Cunningham alongside expert Carl Parker. TWC will also have a field team with reporters in D.C., Philadelphia, NYC and Boston.
  • Holly Williams and the “CBS Evening News” team won a Jack R. Howard Award for “Holy War,” early coverage of the emergence of ISIS in Syria and Northern Iraq that included interviews from the frontlines with those who were fighting and those who were fleeing.