“Thunderous Applause” For Dozier At CBS

By Brian 

“Kimberly, welcome back to your home,” Sean McManus said as Kimberly Dozier returned to CBS News in New York today.

“Dozier has not set a firm timetable to return to the network. She said she has been doing ‘therapeutic writing’ about the events before and after the car bomb blast,” CBSNews.com says.

More: “Dozier told her colleagues she is preparing for what she hopes is a ‘final round’ of surgery next week to repair a destroyed right ear drum and a correction in her legs.”

> Also: Katie Couric blogs: “Eight months to the day after being seriously injured in Iraq, she walked into the CBS newsroom to thunderous applause. There was emotion, too — tears and hugs and smiles all around. Kimberly looks terrific: strong and steady and full of the spirit that has sustained her through all the hospitalizations and surgeries she has had to undergo. She looked deeply moved by the reception…”

> Update: 2:03pm: “The CBS Evening News plans a feature on Dozier to close tonight’s broadcast,” an insider says…