Three Nets, Three New Political Directors

By Brian 

Why Mark Halperin‘s departure from ABC News matters: “ABC and NBC have now both lost their political directors less than one year before the first caucuses meet in Iowa. That’s a lot of transition at the very moment when political directors typically stay in their seats,” a tipster asserts.

At NBC, Elizabeth Wilner stepped down in February. She was replaced by Chuck Todd. Halperin’s replacement, David Chalian, was announced yesterday. And at CBS, Molly Levinson became political director last August.

Is it normal to have that kind of turnover in the months before the presidential campaigns begin?…

> Update: 3:45pm: “What’s the backstory on Mark Halperin’s departure from ABC News? Why would he ever leave that role? Hal Bruno, his predecessor, occupied the chair forever. And why would Halperin leave with the presidential election looming? It just doesn’t make sense…”