Threats, Criticisms As FBN Enters Week 4

By Chris Ariens 

Still in first gear, the nascent Fox Business Network continues to take some hits from critics and investors alike. Bloggingstocks.comJonathan Berr writes about how FBN’s marketers took some “negative newspaper reviews and turned them into positive ones.” Berr adds, “The thing that baffles me about Fox Business Network is the timing. Advertising is one of the first areas that gets hit during economic slowdowns. I wonder whether the advertisers who flocked to Fox Business when it launched will be there at the start of next year when the novelty has worn off.”

Meanwhile, FBN contributor Meredith Whitney has been receiving threats after she recommended a “sell” rating for Citigroup, Thursday. With its stock price down 32% this year, Citigroup is holding an emergency meeting today that is expected to result in the resignation of its CEO.

Whitney’s husband John Bradshaw Layfield, who is an announcer for WWE Smackdown, confirms to that law enforcement has been pursuing leads into the threats. Layfield tells the site, “Whoever would threaten the life of a woman is a cowardly piece of s**t.”