‘This Is Not a Plot to Take Away Everybody’s Guns’

By Chris Ariens 

Obamanewtown3NBC’s Lester Holt, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and CBS’s Scott Pelley all anchored network special reports this morning as an emotional President Obama took executive action enacting new measures to reduce gun violence.

“A remarkable moment at the White House,” said Pelley following the president’s 35-minute remarks, “The president in tears quoting the book of John.” “A passionate and emotional President Barack Obama,” is how Stephanopoulos characterized it. “The president at one point fighting back tears, tears actually flowing, as he went down the litany of the various mass shootings that have occurred over the last several years,” said Holt.

The cable networks also carried the remarks and continue with reaction. “The president just threw down over gun control and gun rights in this country,” is how Brian Williams put it on MSNBC.


To follow up the speech and executive action, the president will hold a town hall meeting on CNN hosted by Anderson Cooper Thursday night. MSNBC hosted a similar town hall with President Clinton and moderated by Tom Brokaw in April 2000, marking the first anniversary of the Columbine massacre.