Things You May Not Have Heard or Seen During Inauguration Coverage

By Chris Ariens 

We kept the posts going yesterday — from girl power on the Hill, to Frank Luntz‘s appearance on NBC to Al Roker’s Obama exclusive — but here are a few extras from yesterday’s TV coverage of the inauguration:

  • Is it Morgan Freeman or Bill Russell?

We Tweeted this one yesterday, when just after 11amET, George Stephanopoulos mistook two prominent black men. “That’s Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps. I’m sorry. That’s Bill Russell. Thank you, David Remnick.”

  • Did Chris Matthews get chills?

Around 4:15, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir was talking with Rep. Elijah Cummings who said he was moved by Pres. Obama’s address. “It gave me chills and I don’t usually get chills.” Bashir used the moment to bring Chris Matthews into the conversation. “Chris, did you get any chills?” After some laughter and a long pause, Bashir picked up. “Sorry, Chris.” Then asked it more directly: “What was most moving to you, Chris, about the president’s speech?

  • Clarkson, not Clarkston.

A deko error during MSNBC’s coverage misidentified singer Kelly Clarkson.