“…There Was A Cop Next To Me”

By Chris Ariens 

Script-shredding anchor Mika Brzezinski was running a little late for her 6am Morning Joe shift (she has a 3:45am wake-up call), so she did what any erratic anchor might do: she ran a bunch of red lights! Here’s the back and forth between Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough this morning:

Joe: What happened, Mika?
Mika: Well, I was being followed for quite a while (10 miles). I might have swerved a little bit and run a few red lights… I got into the parking lot (at MSNBC’s Secaucus, NJ HQ) and noticed there was a cop next to me. He goes — ‘what?’ I (said), I guess you saw that? He said, ‘yes, you ran a bunch of red lights, in and out of every lane, what is your problem?’ I said I was just trying to get to my shift, and then I started to cry.
Joe: The hypocrisy of the criminal- justice system, you cried and got off the hook?
Mika: I always cry when I know I am in trouble.

Lindsay, Paris, Nicole… you got nothing on Mika.