The Year of the Women?

By SteveK 

From today’s Morning Newsfeed: Salon’s Rebecca Traister writes, if 2004 was “Jon Stewart’s career-making election,” this year is the year of the women. Specifically, Katie Couric, Campbell Brown and Rachel Maddow.

Traister cites the historic runs by women on the political side as a contributing factor. “Call it historical accident or mere coincidence, but this election, built as it has been around two history-making female candidates, traditional ‘women’s issues’ like the economy and healthcare and the acknowledgment of the power of female voters, also happens to have been translated, interpreted and picked apart by women newscasters,” she writes. “And that’s something new.”

During yesterday’s TVNewser Live Chat with CNN’s John Roberts, he gave his take on the “media stars” of this election. “On CNN, I would vote for Anderson, John King, Wolf, Campbell, Suzanne Malveaux, Dana Bash, Candy Crowley – and everyone else on the BPTOTV,” he wrote. “Over at NBC, I think Gregory has proven that he is their rising star. And my old White House colleague Terry Moran has been doing an amazing job over at ABC. And I think I should give big kudos to Katie Couric for her interview with Gov. Palin and the other biggies she’s been able to land.”


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> Update: Greta Van Susteren makes a suggestion on Gretawire for another person to be included: FNC CEO Roger Ailes. “You can’t do 77 straight months at #1 (and yes, beat the boys) if the boss doesn’t back you up,” she writes. “Management matters!”