The White House Is A Shepherd…

By Brian 

The White House correspondent job stinks.

It used to be “the glamour beat; that’s where you put your star reporter,” Bob Schieffer recalls in this week’s Variety. But now, Michael Learmonth writes, “the daily disgorgements from the White House” are so “meaningless” that “Schieffer says he’s contemplated sending an intern there to take notes and sending the reporters to Capitol Hill, where there are 535 members of Congress, all with their own agendas and motivations to talk.”

ABC’s Terry Moran probably likes the idea. He says the beat is “confining, both physically and intellectually. You’re cooped up in a bubble all the time; they herd you like sheep.

Learmonth notes that “increasingly, Washington’s top journalistic personalities are hosts of political shows,” and Andrew Tyndall concludes that “interviewing has replaced reporting as the high-profile position.” Here’s the full story…