The Weather Channel Honors Jim Cantore’s 30th Anniversary With ‘Best Of’ Video

By Mark Joyella 

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore knows hurricanes by their first name, and just flat-out loves “thunder snow.” To celebrate his 30th anniversary today, the network released a video of Cantore’s greatest–and geekiest–moments.

Some of the clips come from deep in the way-back machine–back to the days when Cantore had a full head of hair. From hurricanes and tornadoes to flooding and snowstorms, Cantore has always been in awe of nature–but he’s also never been shy about the emotion, often ending interviews by embracing the people whose lives have been changed by severe weather. “Sometimes people just need a hug”

Other times, they need a knee to the stomach, like the infamous incident when Cantore–while live, and without missing a beat–delivered a knee to a man who rushed his liveshot.