The View Talks Trump, Trump Trashes The View

By Mark Joyella 

Turns out Donald Trump was watching The View this morning–and he doesn’t seem to have enjoyed it.

The Republican presidential front-runner, writing on Twitter, called The View “a dead show” in a comment attached to a supporter’s tweet that described the show’s hosts as “brain dead puppets” and urged Trump to go on the show “and destroy them all.”

It’s not clear what sparked Trump’s comments about the ABC daytime show, but the tweets did come during an interview with Ben Carson, the former candidate who endorsed Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg asked Carson about Trump’s rhetoric. “When you talk about Mexicans being rapists and murderers, when you talk about women–if he had talked to your wife the way he has spoken to some of these women, you’d take that, sir?”

Carson said talking nice, and talking about the issues “gets you where it got me–it gets you nowhere.” Carson added that politicians like Trump “say what people want to hear,” leading Goldberg to say “that’s how Hitler got in.”

Maybe that’s what led Trump to twitter… this time.