The “Unauthorized” Attorney

By Chris Ariens 

The lawyer who was called out for being an “unauthorized” and “unretained” attorney for O.J. Simpson, is a man named Scott Holper. Simpson’s attorney Yale Galanter criticized two networks for putting Holper on the air, including CBS’ The Early Show. Not so good for new Senior EP Shelley Ross on day three of her new job.

>More: A CBS insider sent us The Early Show script to show Holper may not have been as “unauthorized” as Galanter made him out to be.

Julie Chen: “Now an EARLY SHOW exclusive. Joining us from Las Vegas, is attorney Scott Holper, who was the first lawyer to represent O.J. Simpson on the armed robbery charges…Mr. Holper, you’ve told us you were asked by a family friend to represent O.J. Simpson, while he put his new ‘dream team’ in place. Did you get that call before or after his arrest?”

Holper: “We actually got a call after the arrest.” has the jailhouse log, showing Holper visited Simpson three times in a 24-hour period…