The TVNewser Twitter Index: The Most-Followed Primetime Cable News Shows

By Alex Weprin 

This week in the TVNewser Twitter Index, we are taking a look at primetime cable news shows, and how they stack up on the social network.

It is important to note some discrepancies in the numbers up front. The tracker is looking at the followers of shows, not hosts, that is for another week. Because some hosts are so popular on Twitter (i.e. Piers Morgan) the show follower count may be affected.

Fox News:


“The O’Reilly Factor”: 338,236

“Hannity”: 196,929 (Hannity: 637,690)

“On the Record”: NA (Greta Van Susteren: 275,211)

Van Susteren is a huge social media presence, making a show Twitter page unnecessary  Hannity is as well, but his show still retains its own page. O’Reilly, of course, leads the way.


“The Last Word”: 53,001 (Lawrence: 159,220)

“The Rachel Maddow Show”: 134,125 (Rachel Maddow: 2.487 Million)

“The Ed Show”: 140,175 (Ed: 77,712)

All three hosts have strong social media presences, but it hasn’t really affected the show accounts. Of the shows, “The Ed Show” has garnered the most followers narrowly edging out “Maddow.”


“AC360”: 203,352 (Cooper: 3.671 million)

“Piers Morgan Tonight”: 144,137 (Morgan: 3.230 million)

Both Cooper and Morgan have millions of Twitter followers, and their social media editors do a fine job as well, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers to the show pages.

Next week, we look at the weekend programs.