The Top Correspondents and Stories on Network Evening News in 2016 Were…

By Chris Ariens 

Andrew Tyndall is out with his annual list of the most-used reporters and top stories on the three network newscasts last year.

Not surprisingly, campaign 2016 was the number one story with Donald Trump (1,144 minutes) getting twice as much coverage as Hillary Clinton (506 minutes) according to Tyndall.

He found campaign 2016 received “the standard amount of coverage for a non-incumbent contest.” Slightly more than in 2000 and slightly less than in 2008. Coverage of the RNC was the 10th most-covered story, while the DNC was No. 19, according to Tyndall.


Because politics was the big story, NBC’s Miguel Almaguer who covers domestic news from the west coast, went from the most-used corespondent in 2015, to the No. 4 spot in 2016.

ABC’s Tom Llamas took the honors for last year, logging 482 minutes on ABC’s World News Tonight, according to Tyndall. CBS’s Major Garrett was next with 374 minutes on the Evening News. Both Llamas and Garrett were the primary correspondents covering Trump for their networks.