The Ticker: Women, Bartiromo, Podcasts…

By SteveK 

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> For the second night in a row, three women will anchor the network evening newscasts tonight. With Katie Couric on CBS, Ann Curry is in for Brian Williams on NBC and Elizabeth Vargas is in for Charles Gibson on ABC. It appears the last time this happened was in March 2006, when Vargas was on ABC, Campbell Brown subbed on NBC and Lesley Stahl appeared on CBS.

> The New York Observer reports that CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo has sold the publishing rights to her new book at auction for a figure “in the neighborhood of $500,000.” Crown, a division of Random House, will publish the book, Bartiromo’s second.

> CBS News produced four of the 25 most popular podcasts during February, according to 60 Minutes was the third most-accessed program during the month. Not making the list was (shameless plug) mediabistro’s own daily podcast, Morning Call Time…subscribe now!