The Ticker: Rivera, Champion, Kuhn

By Jordan Chariton 

  • Fox News host Geraldo Rivera is among the cast members for NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” TMZ reports. “Celebrity Apprentice 7” hosted by Donald Trump begins shooting in spring and also includes Kate Gosselin, Martina Navratilova, and Johnny Weir.

  • Sam Champion’s Weather Channel show isn’t being called “Your Morning Champion,” because, as Champion puts it, “the cheese factor would be so intensly high that I wouldn’t want to do it.” “AMHQ,” as it’s called, launches Monday at 7am.

  • Eric Kuhn, the former head of social media for CNN and UTA is part of the team for start-up “Layer3 TV.” Lost Remote reports the as-yet launched network has received $21 million in funding and has assembled a management team of tech and cable veterans.