The Ticker: Rather, FNC, Deutsch…

By Chris Ariens 

> Dan Rather made someone’s Top 10 list. Ed Bark, the former Dallas Morning News TV critic writes about Rather’s HDNet broadcast: “Those who urged him to hang it up — myself included — misjudged Rather’s resiliency and resolve. Against all odds, his best work is in the here and now.”

>’s Jeff Bercovici writes that FNC should limit their GOP forum Sunday night to just five candidates (Reps. Paul & Hunter not among them). “Fox’s decision means we’ll get to hear more in-depth answers from the candidates who actually stand a reasonable chance of moving into the White House,” Bercovici writes.

> CNBC’s Donny Deutsch did the honors this morning ringing the opening bell at the NASDAQ. Why, you ask? Well, Deutsch hopes everyone will have a “big idea” in the new year. Here’s a big idea: make the NASDAQ go up, not down.