The Ticker: Pundits, Vester, O’Brien…

By Brian 

> This Yankton Press & Dakotan columnist compares coverage of Columbine and Red Lake, and asks: “What makes the news the news?”

> “On television, as in print, female pundits are in short supply,” a new FAIR study finds. Among Sunday morning shows, only Chris Matthews’ show is “even on gender…”

> Linda Vester on “n Army captain even threatened me Thursday that if I don’t stop covering Terri Schiavo, he will order all his subordinates to turn their TVs to CNN.”

> FishBowlDC: CBS correspondent Joie Chen remembers when Miles O’Brien called himself a “big schmoe,” live on CNN.

> “You’ve got your work cut out for you, Mr. Klein,” Gawker says…