The Ticker: Price, O’Brien, Big Love…

By Chris Ariens 

>The Early Show’s Dave Price will broadcast live from Mount Rushmore tomorrow morning for the “Great American Vacation” giveaway. Then it’s on to Kansas City for Friday’s “Summer in the City” concert featuring Big & Rich.

>CNN has a new, old take on Princess Diana. Soledad O’Brien reports for the CNN Special Investigations Unit – Growing Up Diana. The program “begins with (Diana’s) years growing up in the shadow of royalty and ends as her marriage approached troubled times.” Growing Up Diana premieres Tuesday, August 21, at 8pm ET.

>An emailer tells us a “fully-produced segment of Countdown with Keith Olbermann appeared on the HBO television show Big Love this week. The story was regarding the shooting of Roman Grant, a polygamist leader in the show.” An MSNBC insider tells TVNewser “it was shot on our set many months ago. The producers are fans of the show and asked Ketih to make the cameo.”