The Ticker (p.m. edition): Olbermann, O’Hearn, Ramsey…

By SteveK 

> The man convicted of sending threatening letters laced with white powder to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, among others, was sentenced for his crimes. He will serve five years, “in a community corrections center where he will receive psychiatric treatment and medication.”

> The Washingtonian’s Garrett M. Graff writes a profile of This Week EP Kathy O’Hearn. The piece notes O’Hearn’s work at CNBC and CNN, and her success with ABC’s This Week: “Since she took over in 2005, the Sunday-morning show has been on a roll; it was the only Sunday show to gain viewers in 2007.”

> For those Valentine’s Day dates in front of the tube, FBN has a plan. Dave Ramsey will host an hour dedicated to love, money and marriage issues, airing at 8pmET. Dr. Henry Cloud, clinical psychologist, will join Ramsey and answer questions from callers across the country.