The Ticker: O’Reilly/Stewart Debate, Zakaria, Robertson

By Alex Weprin 

  • It is already an open secret that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and Comedy Central host Jon Stewart are buddies when they aren’t debating one another on their respective shows. Now it looks like they will be taking their “rivalry” to the stage, for charity of course.  Cindy Adams explains that they will take part in “a live mock debate rumble, 90 minutes, in DC’s nice air-conditioned George Washington University auditorium. Filmed, available subsequently on DVD, it’ll stream worldwide on the Internet.”
  • Fareed Zakaria returns to CNN Sunday, September 23 with a primetime special with a focus on jobs in America. “Global Lessons: Putting America to Work.” The special looks at what American (and foreign) companies are doing to boost jobs and make the workforce more qualified for high-paying and highly-skilled jobs.
  • Speaking of CNN, foreign correspondent Nic Robertson is back in Syria, reporting from the Capital city of Damascus. Robertson reports on the relative tranquility in the Capital, but also how the civil war continues to creep closer.