The Ticker: MSNBC, Curry, Couric’s Legs…

By Brian 

> “MSNBC’s new look will begin on Monday,” a tipster says. “New deko look, ticker and bug (actually it won’t be a ‘standard’ bug anymore, it will be a bit different, a logo if you will. It’s very linear. Looks good, and doesn’t cram up the screen.”

> Doug Elfman knows fear sells: “Unfortunately, a safe world virtually guarantees bad ratings. Viewers don’t flock to cheery news or fictional shows about rainbows and lollipops, unless you count the mindless Paxil of ‘American Idol…'”

> Will Ann Curry‘s townhouse hell ever end? The NY Daily News says her new neighbors “are seeking $915,000 in compensatory and punitive damages” — ” and she hasn’t even moved in yet…”

> National Journal via FishBowlDC: Meet new CNN political director Sam Feist. He says The Situation Room “works like an accordion…”

> Eat the Press Googles “Katie Couric + legs.” Guess how many results came back…

> Video: The control room catches a Your World with Neil Cavuto guest in a yawn…