The Ticker: Maher, Debate, Schwarzenegger…

By SteveK 

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> HBO’s Bill Maher is set to apologize tonight on Real Time for calling the Pope a Nazi and Catholicism a “child-abusing religious cult.” Some TV news personalities like FNC’s Bill O’Reilly highlighted Maher’s comments and called for an apology.

>Not everyone had a problem with ABC’s debate — Dallas-based TV blogger Ed Bark points out that “a lot has happened” since their last debate on Feb. 26. While “Clinton’s Bosnia bumble” and “Obama’s difficulties with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his recent San Francisco fundraiser remarks” have been “exploited by both the candidates and the media…the nation’s viewers hadn’t yet seen the candidates address them in a face-to-face encounter.”

> Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade interviewed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning on FNC, and ended the interview looking for some bodybuilding tips. Schwarzenegger called Kilmeade, “without a doubt the most muscular television host.” Click continued to see the clip, which includes the Governator’s advice on how to get rid of excess body hair…